Learn More About the Challenge

The Walk for Wellness Challenge is based on two important facts:

  1. Most adults spend over half their waking hours at work.
  2. Walking is the number one activity among Canadians.

The Walk for Wellness Challenge is a pedometer-based workplace wellness program, designed to help your workplace add more physical activity and healthy eating to their day. The Challenge can start any time of the year (although certain times may work better for your workplace), and the Challenge can run anywhere from 5 – 12 weeks, and is set up so that teams encourage each other to walk their way to a more active and healthier lifestyle. Participants track their daily activities (steps & “other” activities) and intake of vegetables and fruit.

The Challenge is designed to measure improvement, so regardless of previous fitness levels or abilities, everyone can participate and be successful in the Challenge.

The Challenge can be run in a computerized or non-computerized workplace, just as long as the Challenge Coordinator has access to the online site.

The Challenge is easy to take part in! Here’s how it works...

Tools and resources such as posters, templates, tips, tracking sheets and an online tracking system have been created to make this Challenge easy for your workplace!

The Walk for Wellness Challenge – improving the health of your workplace, one step & veggie at a time!